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About RCNN






Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

“Advanced Interdisciplinary Technology for better future”

RCNN,  established as a national research center located at Institut Teknologi Bandung, is designed as an institute where multidisciplinary research on nanoscience and nanotechnology can be conducted at various levels, from basic sciences to  technological  applications. RCNN brings together expertise on science, engineering and medicine to perform coordinated research and development in nanoscience and nanotechnology.
The aim of the RCNN is to move nanotechnology discoveries or innovation from the laboratory into new or improved  products for commercial and public benefit, encourage more students and teachers to become involved in nanotechnology education, create a skilled workforce and the supporting infrastructure and tools to advance and support the responsible development of nanotechnology.

Research Divisions in RCNN

  1. Nanoscience : focused on the design and synthesis methodology of various kinds of functional nanomaterials for further utilizations as basic components of material;
  2. Nanodevices : directed toward design and fabrication of nanomaterial for sensing of physical properties for various purposes;
  3. Nanomaterial for Energy Generation and Storage Applications : focused on design and fabrication of nanomaterials as catalyst, membrane or sensitizer in energy devices;
  4. Nanomedicine : focused on development of novel nanocrystal as drugs or drugs carrier, exploiting rich Indonesian’s bio-resources;
  5. Nanobiotechnology : focused on novel application in physiological control through manipulation of molecular genetics and direct application to increase quality of post-harvest and other product for food.

RCNN is managed and organized to become a national window for international cooperation and linkages in research and development of nanoscience and technology. The activities are directed toward national advancement in accordance with the mission and center’s goals.

Download RCNN Brochure.