Visions and Missions

RCNN envisioned itself to be a research center of excellence in  Nanotechnology. The activities in RCNN are directed towards the national advancement in Nanoscience and technology that consists of following goals:

  1. To perform research and development activities on Nanoscience and technology for the betterment of the nation;
  2. To build and to provide highly educated human resources on Nanoscience and technology in Indonesia;
  3. To promote Nanoscience to the society through some training and apprenticeship programs for faculty members from universities around the country;
  4. To provide technical services and consultancies on the application of Nanoscience and technology for improving the quality of related national industries;
  5. To become a national window for international cooperations and linkages in research and development on Nanoscience and technology;
  6. To facilitate the application of Nanotechnology discoveries or innovations in order to make new products or to improve the quality of existing products by advanced technological touch;
  7. To provide advanced equipments and tools in order to support the development of Nanotechnology in Indonesia.



RCNN Activites

1. Research Collaboration

Research collaboration with foreign and domestic research organization. This collaboration is carried out for the mutual benefit of all involved research parties and aimed to improve the quality of research at RCNN.

2. Industrial Link

Collaboration with industry will be more intended to the applied researches that can be realized in a large scale production and could give additional positive values to RCNN and related industries. This collaboration is expected to provide exibility for RCNN research and the utilization of Indonesias natural resources

3. Graduate Program in Nanoscience and Technology

RCNN will establish graduate program for both master and doctoral courses to support the development of science and  technology, especially in the field of  nanotechnology. With the establishment of this graduate program, it is expected that the quality of Indonesia’s human resources in nanotechnology will be increased significantly.

4. Expertize Community Services

RCNN will provide education, expertise service and sample evaluation or characterization services. These services will be intended for every domestic research society that has not yet possessed their own characterization equipments.