Facilities in Research Center for Nanosiences and Nanotechnology

Characterization Laboratory

Characterization Laboratory 
1. High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy with EDX/EDS system
2. Scanning Electron Microscopy with EDX/EDS system
3. Focused Ion Beam
4. Low Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
5. Ion Beam TEM Sample Preparation Tool
6. Twin Jet Type Electric Polisher and Chemical Etcher
7. Low speed disk cutter
8. Ultrasonic disk cutter
9. Digital Indicator Measurement System
10. Specimen grinder
11. Cross Section Sample Preparation Tool for TEM
12. Grinder polisher
13. Specimen punch
14. Dimpling Grinder
15. Cryo Ultramicrotome

Optical Properties Characterization Lab
1. Ellipsometer
2. Spektrofluorometer
3. Semiconductor device analyzer
4. UV-Visible Spectrophotometers
5. Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer
6. Cyclic Voltameter
7. Mini-Spectrometer NIR
9. Digital Indicator Measurement System
8. Protein Synthesis and Nucleid Acid Extraction System

Particle Analysis Lab
1.  Nanoparticle Analyzer
2.  Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

X-RAY Room
1. XRF
2. X-ray Diffractometer

Vacuum Process Lab
1. RF PECVD (Radio Frequency Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition)
2. Turbo molecular pump equipped with rotary vacuum pump

Wet & Dry Process Lab
1. Mini-CNC machine
2. Probe Sonicator (Ultrasonic homogenizers)
3. Bath Sonicator
4. Spin Coate

High Temperature Process Lab
1. Heat Treatment Furnace
2. Vacuum Box Furnace
3. Tube Furnace

Composition Characterization/Thermal Properties Lab
2. Desktop Vacuum Thermal Evaporators
3. Ultrasonic cleaner Bath
4. Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer
5. Microscope Trinoculer
6. System Vacuum FTIR

1. Waste Water Treatment Equipment
2. Liquid N2 Supply Devices

Bioprocess Laboratory

  • Biology equipment (DNA, etc)
  • Molecular biology facility
  • Culture room

Nano Pharmacy Laboratory

  • Preparation and characterization
  • Bio characterization equipment (HPLC, etc)

Computing Facility

  • Computing server
  • Cluster computing facility