Material Characteristic Workshop 2017 – Basic Powder XRD

Download software Diffrac EVA dan Diffrac TOPAS :
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Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (PPNN), Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) is one of the most recent Research Centers established by ITB in order to response modern and complex challenges as well as to reaffirm a strong commitment always involves in research, development and application of frontier science and technology for the betterment of Indonesia, with 4 research laboratories in PPNN (nano material, nano medicine, nano biotechnology, and nano


Participants will learn the basics of crystallography, diffraction, instrumental configuration, sample preparation, data acquisition and refinement strategy in 5 days workshop. Participants will gain the benefit of Powder XRD in Material Science, Mineral, Cement, Drugs, etc. Participants will also hands-on with the DIFFRAC.SUITE™ software package, which can be used for phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, profile analysis, micro structure analysis, etc. Get to meet with other TOPAS Users and have your questions answered by our Bruker X-Ray Applications team and get in touch with BRUKER D8 Advance with LynxEye XE detector. Participants will be given the opportunity to characterize their samples using XRD D8 Advance, (maximum one sample per person – according to the standard measurement)


Driven by innovation – its outstanding and unique fundamental parameters approach, function minimization routines and structure determination capabilities are just a few examples of how TOPAS is at the leading edge in powder diffraction.


Date   : October 23-27, 2017 (Monday to Friday)
Time   : 9.00 am – 4.30 pm
Venue : Research Center for Nanosciences and Nanotechnology
Pusat Penelitian Nanosains dan Nanoteknologi (PPNN – ITB)
Center for Advanced Sciences (CAS) Building 1st Floor
Jln. Ganesha No.10 Bandung
A maximum of 30 seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis. We will contact you for the TOPAS installation once your registration has been confirmed.


1. Dr. Bambang Prijamboedi (ITB)
2. Dr. Maykel Manawan (UI)
3. Dr. Tony Wang (Bruker)



Industry/Company – Registration to September 20 : IDR 4 million/person
– Registration to October 10 : IDR 4.5 million/person
– Registration After October 10 : IDR 5 million/person
Student/Academia – Registration to September 20 : IDR 1.5 million/person
– Registration to October 10 : IDR 2 million/person
– Registration After October 10 : IDR 2.5 million/person


Bank Name : BNI – Perguruan Tinggi Bandung
Acc. Name : Suprijadi
Acc. No. : 458054568


– Dr. Ferry Iskandar :
– Mas Feisal Reza : (0812-1805-6789)


Day -1 (Class) Crystallography
– Symmetry
– Crystal system
– Bravais lattices
– Point group
– Space group
– Miller indices

– Diffraction by slit
– Diffraction by atom
– Diffraction by plane of atoms : Constructive (Bragg’s law) & Destructive
– Miller indices and diffraction
– Structure Factor
– Atomic Scattering Factor
– Temperature factor

Day – 2 (Class) Instrumentation
– X-ray characteristic
– Bremsstrahlung
– Anode selection
– Beam path (optics)
– Detector
– Instrument configuration

Sample Preparation
– Graininess
– Micro-absorption
– Texture
– Crystallite size
– Sample height displacement
– Roughness
– Transparency

Data Acquisition
– Angular Range
– Step Size
– Counting Time

Day – 3  (PPNN – ITB LAB) Lab tour

Experiment using XRD D8 Advance
– Instrument setting
– Sample preparation
– Data acquisition

Day – 4 (Class) Phase Identification with DIFFRAC.EVA
– Data evaluation and treatment
– Data display and reporting
– Search and match
– Semi-quantitative analysis

Rietveld Analysis with DIFFRAC.TOPAS
– Intensity equation
– Profiles function
– Source of profile broadening
– R-indices (How good is good enough)
– Limits of quantification and detection (optional)
– Advance in PXRD (optional)

Day – 5 (Class) Group Discussion and Evaluation

Practices with DIFFRAC.EVA and TOPAS
– Qualitative and quantitative analysis (Unknown)
– Size strain analysis (UICr Round Robin)
– Amorphous (Spiking)