Workshops that have been held until June 2020

Many workshops which are teaching activities of a combination of theory and practice provided by experts from both PPNN ITB and from domestic and foreign research institutions with topics related to nanoscience have been held by PPNN ITB. Workshop activities are a means of disseminating and sharing knowledge related to nanoscience and nanotechnology which can be attended by the Academic Community, Researchers, Industrial Practitioners, Students and the general public. 

List of Workshop activities that have been held until June 2020: 


  1. Bioinformatics Seminar and Workshop – 2 s.d. March 3, 2020.


  1. Workshop “Atomic Force Microscope” by Iping Suhariadi, Ph.D. from Bina Nusantara University – 11 Februari 2019.
  2. The First Joint Workshop ITB – Tsukuba on Materials – 28 Februari 2019.
  3. Workshop on material characterization techniques Scope: X-Ray Characterization, Spectroscopy, and Scanning Electron Microscope – 1 s.d. 5 April 2019.
  4. Workshop microESR by Choltirosn Sutapin, Ph.D. – 23 April 2019
  5. Workshop Electron Microscopy for Biomedical Sciences – 24 s.d. 25 September 2019
  6. Workshop Current Perspectives on Deep-Sea Research – 14 Oktober 2019
  7. Asia Computational Material Design (A-CMD) Workshop by Yoshitada Morikawa and Kazunori Sato – 4 s.d. 6 November 2019
Joint Workshop ITB – Tsukuba
Bioinformatics Seminar and Workshop
Workshop CMD
Workshop Currents Perspective on Deep Sea
Workshop EM Biomedic
Workshop material characterization techniques (1)