Asia Computational Material Design Workshop is an activity that is held almost every year at PPNN ITB. The pandemic situation has made this year's event slightly different from previous years. This year's Asia CMD workshop will be held online. This event presented speakers from ITB and Osaka University, Japan. In this three-day workshop (July 26-28 2021), which was attended by 37 participants from various campuses and institutions in Indonesia, participants received material on modeling and simulation methods and practices using various software. In the hands-on session, the participants had the opportunity to connect to the supercomputer server and perform material simulation calculations. 

This activity was also carried out to support the MBKM (Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka) activity program where Undergraduate students could carry out activities here and get credit earning courses in the amount of 2 credits given by the Postgraduate School ITB. The following is documentation of the activity.

Moderator – Dr. M. Kemal Agusta
Moderator – Dr. Triati D.K.W.
Opening - Dr. M. Kemal Agusta
Speaker – Dr. Fadjar Fatturahman
Speaker – Dr. Ganesh
Speaker – Dr. Harris
Speaker – Prof. Kazunori Sato
Speaker – Prof. Tamio Oguchi
Speaker – Prof. Yoshitada M
Speaker – Septia Eka Marsha
Speaker – Thao Nguyen
Speaker – Yeeji Wong
Closing – Prof. Hermawan K. Dipojono