Asia Computational Materials Design Workshop 2021

In order to introduce nanoscience and the application of science and technology to the public, the Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (PPNN) ITB through the Community Service program proposes an activity themed Introduction to Quantum-Based Computing for Society. This activity will be carried out bearing in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic has not yet ended, causing students or teaching staff to carry out teaching and learning activities at home online. Conditions like this lead to delays in experimental-based research activities, the implementation of which really requires the facilities and infrastructure available in the laboratory. Considering that education is seen as an aspect that has a principal role in advancing the nation, the Covid-19 pandemic should not dampen the nation's enthusiasm to continue to develop science and technology. For this reason, computational-based research also needs to be studied by academics as an alternative to experiment-based research.  

The introduction of Quantum-Based Computing for Society will be carried out by utilizing software such as STATE, MACHIKANEYAMA and HILAPW to design simulations of materials to be tested. The software is commonly used to assist research in chemistry or physics. For this reason, the target of this service activity is Lecturers, Teachers, Students, and Researchers who have a basic level of understanding of quantum Physics/Chemistry.

Activities will be carried out for approximately 3 (three) days by presenting experts who developed (developers) of the above software. The workshop focuses on the theoretical basis and use of the software to be applied in nano-based research. Lectures and hands-on to participants will be given during the activity, starting with an introduction to basic linux, introduction to Density Functional Theory (DFT), and the use of DFT-based computing in technology application nano.

This activity is expected to inspire the younger generation to pursue the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, especially in the field of computational material design so that they can develop this field in the future to further advance the Indonesian nation.

The activity will be held on July 26-28 2021, through a Webinar with the Zoom Platform. Registration links: