Nanoteens 2021 : Nanotechnology in Advanced Cosmetics

In order to introduce the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology to the public, especially junior and senior high school students, an introduction to the application of nanotechnology is needed. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the spearheads of pioneering science and technology revolution in the future so that Indonesia's young generation needs to know and if they have a strong interest can pursue this field of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the future. Through the Nano for Teens activity, academic efforts to introduce nanotechnology to the public, especially the younger generation, namely junior and senior high school students, can be implemented early. This activity is part of the vision of the Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (PPNN) ITB to broaden people's insight into new technologies by holding various trainings, introductions, and seminars on nanoscience and nanotechnology.

This program is also a means of socializing PPNN ITB so that people, especially the younger generation, know that ITB is also active in the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology in Indonesia. This program is expected to inspire the younger generation to pursue nanoscience and nanotechnology so that they can develop this field in the future to further advance the Indonesian nation.

The activity was carried out on Thursday, July 8 2021, via a Webinar with the Zoom Platform. Registration links

The schedule for implementing Nanoteens is attached as follows:

07.30 – 08.00Participants enrol in Zoom
08.00 – 08.10OpeningTriati Dewi Kencana Wungu, Ph.D.
08.20 – 08.50Introduction to NanocosmeticProf. Dr. Heni Rachmawati, Apt., M.Si.  
08.55 – 09.40Wandering Nanovesicle: The Journey of Exosome to Extracellular Space Fitria Dwi Ayuningtyas
09.45 – 10.15Determination of SPF, consideration of the effectivity and toxicity of topical cosmeticsDr. apt. Amirah Adlia
10.20 – 10.50Current Study of Nanocosmetics at PPNN ITBDr. Damar Rastri Adhika
10.55 – 11.15ClosingDr. Adhitya Gandaryus Saputro